2012. augusztus 2., csütörtök

Through The Mist - Dark Ambient Gathering Compilation Vol. 1


Melankolia - The Darkness, Ever Present 

Sinful Eternity - Pieces Of My Soul
† - Stanje mira
Annorkoth - The Mysteries Of Winter Forest
Solus - Eternal Tears Of Moon
Desolation - Fields of Despair
Synkretismos Mutare - Usalilo se srce
The Dark Secrets Of World - The Shade Of Emptiness
Traumtod - Trauma
Among the Ruins - Esophagial Invokation of the Devoidian Kult
Buer - This Ageless Deity
Sleep Deprived - Here, but in Another Universe - LSD
Black Antlers - II
Whispers of The Black Wulf - Meditating Upon the Nocturnal Current
Hyperborea - Forgotten souls
Alice - Forbidden Touch
Lifes Darker Than Death - Ne Vivas Ut Edas Sed Edas Ut Vivere Possis
Fake Orgasm - Plutonian Atmosphere
Garden of Grief - Nebelmond
Howling Eternity - Black Aura
Backyard Ghost - Apparitions
Idaaliur - Wind Of Beauty I
Idaaliur - Wind Of Beauty II (Stream Of A Lifetime)

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